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Taking Perfect Nude Selfies


  • Taking Perfect Nude Selfies

    Seriously cute brunette taking a selfie for snapchatTaking selfie pictures is everyone`s obsession nowadays, and lots of people are trying new ways of taking selfies. Whether it is done somewhere in the nature, inside a room or at some risky places – taking selfies is a daily routine to millions of people out there.

    One particular type of selfies that is getting very popular and attractive is the nude selfies. Whether someone wants to surprise their partner or to spice up their intimate life, these types of selfies are done each day by many people. Check out the following good tips on how to make the best possible selfies.

    Dont be a afraid to show off a nice pair of boobs in a selife goes a long wayOne of the most important things is taking care of proper lighting. Lamps and light sources should be turned on at the same height where you want to put the biggest focus on. Avoid placing lights above your head, as you will probably not look good with all the shadows on you while being naked. Pick daylight and avoid fluorescent lights. The photo should look amateurish, not professional.

    Photographs will have the best clarity, composition and frame if you use mirrors. Set up your pose by using a mirror. You must be able to see what are you doing before you take the photo. Also, do not forget to clean up everything that fills your room. The main focus should be on you and not on the objects inside the room.

    Be creative and do something that will keep the attention to the person that is about to receive your selfie. A naked self-photograph is nothing special unless there is something unique. Try different angles, positions or poses before you get the best photo. Do not rush things and go slowly, as you never know when you will get the best selfie.
    Cute girl showing off her personality in a selfie posted on kik
    Smartphones are the main tools for taking self-photographs, but you can also use a digital camera if you want a bit more professional quality. In any case, never use a web camera for taking a self-picture. Besides the quality being very bad, you will also not look good. You will probably end up with a dark look on your face and body, and your figure will look a bit strange.

    Do not be afraid to take as many photos as necessary before you get the best nude self-photograph. Take a lot of selfies and experiment, see what looks best and edit some of the photographs. However, be moderate and do not overdo the photograph as it should look casual, not professional and staged.

    Important thing to remember is that you should always stay inside your comfort zone. Do not go fully nude if you do not feel like it. Start instead with a partial nudity and see how it feels. That way your confidence will slowly rise up and eventually you will feel better. If you feel nervous or a bit ashamed, then take a break and don`t do it until you feel perfectly comfortable. Taking selfie photographs should be fun and exciting, so wait until you feel better before you take them.

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